Mental Health

Mental health is so incredibly important, yet is the most over looked aspect of overall health. Clean eating and exersice are a peice of the puzzle, which is why the other sections are important, but there is more to it than that. Self care is a big part of mental health.
-Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals. If you have a mental illness, our suggestions may help, but are not a replacement for proffessional help-

What we mean by self care:

Self care is different for everyone. It can simply mean taking 2 hours a week to yourself. Or it can mean sitting outside for 20 minutes a day. It could also be going to bed early. You could also get your hair cut, or get a massage. It can be modified to your needs and budget.

We suggest daily meditaion for at least 10 minutes a day. There are many great apps out there. Our favorite paid subscrition meditaion app is Headspace and our favorite free app is Aware.

Other things that often help in taking care of your mental health:

We will be adding more information soon! Please check back for more resources.